Keep Your Skin Ageing Gracefully

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April 15, 2021
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Keep Your Skin Ageing Gracefully

Living in Nigeria is stressful. What with the daily grind of work, the scorching sun, economic insecurity and environmental pollution just to name a few issues. It is no small wonder therefore that many people notice premature sign of ageing especially on the face. So how can one keep the skin from looking dry and wrinkled before Father Time erodes the skin’s youthful appearance? Here are a few tips to keep the skin ageing gracefully:

Eat a healthy well balanced diet that contains lots of fruits and vegetables. This will give the skin the nutritional support needed to rebuild lost collagen and skin cells.

Drink lots of water. Water is the most abundant element in the skin and is important for hydration and nourishment of the skin and face. A dry skin is an ageing skin.

Reduce alcohol intake as much as possible. Not only is excessive alcohol intake toxic to the skin cells, it also dehydrates the skin and leads to premature ageing.

Stop smoking cigarettes. Nicotine and the other harmful ingredients in tobacco smoke are very bad for your skin and face. No wonder heavy smokers tend to look older than non-smokers.

Daily exercise is great for the skin and face. It improves blood circulation to the skin and helps with skin turnover. However, avoid excessive facial muscle exercise and expressions such as frowning to reduce wrinkles formation.

Use sunscreen religiously. The ultraviolet rays of the sun especially in sub Saharan Africa are very damaging to the skin.

Make an appointment to see a skin and anti-ageing specialist to discuss other aesthetics procedures that are right for you. Aging gracefully is the way to go.

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