Caring For Your Hands And Feet

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May 21, 2021
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Caring For Your Hands And Feet

As part of their regular cosmetic regimen, many Nigerians get routine pedicure and manicure treatments. These procedures are offered in many salons, nail studios and spas all over the country.

A pedicure involves treatment of the skin, hair, toenails, soles, muscles and tendons of the feet.  Treatment is often provided up to the knee, with exfoliation of dead skin from the soles of the feet, moisturizing of the skin, and massage of the foot muscles.

A manicure is much the same as a pedicure except the procedure is performed on the hands.

During the procedure, the hands or feet are usually soaked in a warm bath to soften the top layer of the skin called the epidermis. The therapist will then exfoliate the dead skin from the soles and palms using a hard flat object called a pumice. They will trim the nails of the toes during a pedicure and fingers during a manicure. The therapist will buff the nails then use a cuticle trimmer to push back the excess skin of the cuticles.

Some clients ask for polish on the nails after the procedure and when used with a UV light, the polish may last as long as two weeks.

Pedicures usually cost more than manicures because they involve more work and take longer. There are many new techniques and procedures available in any standard nail facility or spa and the choices and limitless, especially in pricey establishments in Lagos and Abuja.

Generally both procedures are relatively inexpensive and should be performed regularly so that your hands, feet and nails look fantastic. Be sure to use trained professionals for your manicures and pedicures to avoid injury and infections such as nail fungus

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